Wednesday, 30 September 2015

YouTube Channel Update

Hey health freaks! We hope all is well, just a quick blog post to fill you in on the latest Eatfresh YouTube channel updates.

We took a brief hiatus from YouTube to focus on rebranding the channel. We will now be adding another element to the channel which will focus on creative expression and art therapy. We won't be posting art content on the blog, but if you would like to see our creative content you can head on over to our sister blog. We are currently doing a 30 day mixed media art challenge over there, so go check it out. Pink Intrigue blog 

As for the Eatfresh blog, expect some more yummy plant based recipes in the next few days. We will also be doing a lot more 'What I Eat in a Day' videos on the YouTube channel. As well as giveaways, competitions and a lot more, so stay tuned.

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