Friday, 9 September 2016

75 Days on the Raw

Hi friends! So, this is probably going to be the quickest blog post ever. But I just had to come over here and post something. Because this morning I decided to begin 75 days of fully raw vegan eating. I was going to start next  month, but I just think that there is no time like the present. Today is day 1, I went out and bought all my produce for the next couple of days. I have to admit though, I am very apprehensive about the whole thing. Simply because in the past when I have gone fully raw for 30 days, I have found myself craving all kinds of things, food that I even would not normally eat.
Therefore, the thought of going raw for 75 whole days, kind of scares me slightly. But, I know that I have to do it.

I am facing a massive life change at the end of the 75 days, and I really need to clean out the clutter. Literally and figuratively, I am wiping the slate clean and starting again essentially. Therefore, it is important that I clean up my diet too. Although, that being said, I would not say that I am a junk food freak or anything like that. However, I have been eating a lot more vegetarian junk food than I would have liked recently. So, I think it is vital that I just get back on the clean eating train by doing this massive challenge. It can be hard when living in an area where there are fast food joints on every corner, although I do rarely eat this kind of food. Sometimes I have a craving for fries, and I often give into the craving. So, this time I have to maintain laser like focus and stick to the plan 100 percent, there is literally no room for error here.

I know that people who embark on these 30 or 60 day challenges often face criticism from those who have have been on the lifestyle for a long period of time. They often say that being raw vegan is a lifestyle change, and it is not something you just do for a period of time and then stop. However, I think that for those of us who struggle with food addiction, can find doing challenges very useful and beneficial. Simply because it gives you something to focus on, it gives you something to challenge yourself with. It allows you to shut out the distractions and focus on that end date, obviously after you have finished the challenge, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, I do believe in balance, and I think it is necessary to allow yourself some of the foods that you would like, but it should definitely be restricted. If I allowed myself to eat five portions of oily fries every day, I know that would not be good for me. However, if I cut out the oil and focused on consuming high carb, low fat starch based foods. Then this would not be so bad, so what I am essentially saying is, it is necessary to adapt your old diet, and replace your old favourite foods, with new healthier alternatives.

I love savoury comfort foods, and I know this is going to be hard because we are in the middle of September and the winter months are upon us. These are the times when I just want to eat a huge shepherds pie. However, I know I can't do that so I can make a raw vegan alternative.  Yes, there is such thing as raw vegan shepherds pie. But I must admit, it is kind of laborious to make therefore, I would only be eating things like this once in a while. I am really trying to eat simply this time around, I don't want to focus on thinking up recipes and trying to replicate cooked foods. I just want to focus on eating simple and clean.

I am going to leave it there now, and I will probably post again tomorrow with pictures of my food. No pictures today because I actually have not taken any.  But I will do tomorrow, join me on Instagram, I will be posting on there regularly throughout this challenge. Let's go!!!!  >>Instagram

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