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Welcome to Eat fresh, live fresh, the blog  for plant based recipes, plant based video tutorials and everything else plant based! Eat Fresh, Live Fresh was created by journalist,author and business woman Abena Pomaah. It came about as a result of Abena'spassion for total body and mind transformation, through diet and lifestyle. Coupled with a passion for writing and creative expression, Eat Fresh,Live Fresh was born. 

Abena started her first online magazine in 2008 when she had hit rock bottom. Her physical, mental and emotional health were totally "shot" so to speak, and she was at the end of the line. She started 
Intrigue Magazine, a music focused online magazine; and then she 
continued with a self help magazine and a writing blog. Intrigue Media was born at the end of 2008,where she added a freelance journalism agency to the mix. It was not until after the birth of her baby boy in 2009, that she realised  she needed to do something about her health. She began researching different diets, and trying to figure out what she needed to do to change the way she lived her life. The raw vegan lifestyle was staring her in the face, as she had seen two of her friends heal themselves from diabetes and cancer just by going raw. 

Journey to Eat Fresh,Live Fresh
I am now going to speak in my voice in order to best tell my story
Hi, I am Abena Pomaah, born in South London and raised in Kent, 
United Kingdom. I have struggled with my weight all my life,  I have been a tiny size eight,and a rather large size 16 in my lifetime. My weight goes up and down, I am by no means a skinny mini now. However, I am slowly reaching my ideal weight, as well as my ideal state of consciousness and total body health. 

In 2010, I started having panic attacks and I would feel faint for no reason at all. My whole face would swell up and my legs would feel numb. I went to the hospital several times, only to be told there was nothing wrong with me. I did my own research, and I began to realise that these symptoms were indicating that I was physically and emotionally stressed. My diet was doing nothing to help the situtation. So, what did I do? I did something about it, and now.........

My energy levels are through the roof, and I feel happy and fulfilled most of the time. Why? Because I went from being a meat eater, junk food junkie, to being a 60 percent raw vegan, and it has totally and utterly changed my life. I went from a size 16 to a size 12, I am reaching for a size 10 now! Anyway, losing weight and looking good was only one of the reasons why I decided to change my diet. I did not feel healthy, I did not feel happy and I knew there was something that I could do to change that. I knew that the state of my life and the state of my health was pretty much in my hands. So, I went cold turkey, I cut all the rubbish out of my diet and I bought a cross trainer. I started doing yoga  and pilates and walking for one hour every day. Within three months I felt like a 
different person, and this was seriously only the beginning of the journey. 

                           Me Before...

Me after ....

         Reasons why I Chose the Vegan Lifestyle 

Some people turn vegan, or live a vegan lifestyle because their main concern is the impact that consuming animal products can have on the environment. However, I stepped into the vegan lifestyle mainly because of health. I will be honest, I did not consider the environmental reasons. However, as I did more research I changed my viewpoint. I am now very concerned about the welfare of animals and the state of the planet. 

My Inspirations 
My vegan journey started on YouTube, I used to spend hours in a day watching life-changing vegan stories and tons and tons of vegan cooking demonstrations. A few people inspired me to forget about my inhibitions and just get on with changing my life. Here are four people that made a difference in my vegan journey. I thank them, because if they did not have the courage to share their stories, Vegan Fresh would not be here today. 

                The Ageless Woman: Annette Larkins 

This woman is amazing, she is in her 70's but she looks way younger than that. Due to the fact that she has been living a raw vegan lifestyle for many years. Her husband chose not to live this lifestyle and he now suffers from high blood pressure and various other health problems. 

Megan Elizabeth 

Megan Elizabeth is very well known on YouTube. She lost weight and changed the state of her health by changing her diet to a raw vegan diet. She inspires others with her recipe books and well thought out recipe tutorials. 

                                     Carl Lewis 
Carl Lewis won Olympic medals on a totally vegan diet. He eliminated all animal products from his diet and totally changed his health. 
                                                                  Karyn Calabrese 
Karyn Calabrese is a raw vegan advocate and very successful business woman. She runs restaurants and wellness centers, she is proof that a raw vegan or, generally vegan lifestyle works! 

These are just a few of the people who inspired me to change my life with a vegan diet. They have also inspired me to jump in head first and create Vegan Fresh. 

I believe in the power of positive thinking, and the belief that your thoughts can create your reality. I decided to create my own reality when I went vegan. I hope to inspire and encourage people with Vegan Fresh, if you are already a vegan, all power to you! Come and join in the fun, watch video tutorials, read features, interviews and sink your teeth into daily, addictive, vegan posts. 

Have Fun, stay healthy and remember......

Eat Fresh, Live Fresh 

Edina Jackson 


  1. Hi sis!

    This is Chezqah. I am inspired by your personal story because it is so relatable. I too began to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and depression as well. I didn't know much about panic attacks, so I was in and out of the hospital every time my heart rate and blood pressure shot up. I was tested for everything and all of my tests would come back good. One day the cardiologist asked me if I had anxiety. That let me to research anxiety and panic attacks. I learned that it was brought about by stress that I was under coupled with a string of bad events that happened in my life. Through changing the way I ate, regular exercise, yoga & meditation etc I've been able to lesson and manage the anxiety and attacks, and take myself off of prescribed medication.

    Vegan lifestyle is a constant evolving process and I'm loving the journey. Next stop....raw food!


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