Fave Vegan YouTubers

We love YouTube! That's why we are on it ! So before we get started on this page, check out our Youtube Channel. Our Managing Director Edina Jackson, does all the videos on there,minus a couple. So check out one of our first every YouTube videos right here, and browse through our channel. Vegan Fresh Youtube Channel 

 Amazing, inspirational raw vegan recipes, natural skincare products and health and life tips.

Megan Elizabeth: Easy to be Raw 
Fun, informative and easy to understand hints and tips about raw vegan food. As well as recipes and ideas. 

Life regenerator
 Funny, informative and inspirational all at the same time. He is a cool dude as well. Check his videos out

Sergei Boutenko
 This guy it totally totally awesome, the way he explains things makes it seem so easy. He is a cool guy who kind of looks like Eminem. He is not a total raw foodist, he is a vegan who eat some cooked food. He is a wild edibles expert as well so anyone interestd in learning about wild edibles should watch his videos.

The Sweetest Vegan is one of the sweetest and most creative vegan chefs on YouTube. She doesn't emphasise health though but she does provide some really healthy meals.


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