Douglas is the CEO of Golden Rensaissance Health. A forward thinkinghealth and wellness company, they sell handmade herbal products including teas and supplements. We had a chat with Douglas to find out what inspired him to set up Golden RenaissanceCheck it out Below! 

Can you tell us when you fell in love with the vegan way of life?

In late 2011 is when I really set to becoming vegan and living a healthier life. For several years before I had tried to do it, but failed miserably. Being that I was raised in the southern states of the United States I grow up with little to no concern for what I ate. It wasn't til I was 19 or 20 in 2009 that I really started to become informed about what I ate, and since that learning started it has not stopped. I have since devoted my life to the pursuit of health in all it's aspects.

what or who inspired you to begin your quest for ultimate health?

I can't say that anyone individual inspired me, it started with my best friend inspiring me to travel, which lead me to hundreds of people with many varying viewpoints. One of the first people who set me on the path was a man named James Heinze, he was the first person I met that explained to me that herbs had healing properties (well the first to explain the properties an herb that wasn't marijuana). Even though he began to set me on the right track I would have to say it took many knowledgeable individuals and healers over the course of several years till I really got the point

Are you totally raw or do you eat some cooked food too? Also is animal rights a major concern for you? Or, did you become vegan mainly for health reasons?

I am about 30% Raw and 70% cooked. I know the benefits of eating raw, but becoming healthier or vegan is a long process. I ultimately want to have a raw diet, but right now I am still in the beginning  stages of my transformation. I would have to say that my first steps are to start buying from a more local source and then eat 100% organic. It truly is a struggle in the states to do such things, we are a country overrun with corporate business and laziness, but I feel we are getting the point slowly but surely,
I have loved animals since a young age Steve Irwin has long been my hero. I met my two closest friends when I was 7 or 8 because we shared a love for animals and Australia. Although it is certainly about animal rights it is also about health, because I find it difficult to sway someones mind (someone who isn't veggie or vegan) when I use the topics of animal rights , I find I am received much better by those who don't agree when I connect with them on the levels of their health.

.You traveled the USA and came into contact with several influential people, what was your most poignant moment?
Well there are many moments that come to mind, but there is defiantly one in particular.
It occurred over the span of several months in 2011, but I will keep it as short as I can. I had just left my dads in California and was starting to head north from Los Angeles. This was my first time hitchhiking on the west coast and I was by myself. No longer than 5 minutes after I start walking 3 other travelers came up to me and asked where I was headed, I simply stated North, and they invited me to come along. One of the 3 was from New Zealand, his name was Stars, he had a brain tumor and wanted to travel to Alaska to find what he called a spirit healer to remove the tumor. We traveled north for months and one of the 3 dropped off the trail but me and the other two made it to Washington State. One day we were in the middle of Washington state and on this day in particular we did a lot of walking. After about 15 miles of walking in the the middle of the Washington dessert we came to a large parking lot on the edge of the next town. We sat down in the middle to rest, after a few minutes of resting a truck pulled into the lot. The driver offered us a ride to the next town.

 Stars, sat in the front with the driver, while the other traveler who we called Airplane and I sat in the  back of the pickup. We came to a stop at a grocery store after about an hour of driving, When we got out the man driving gave us some money and the three of us went into the store to get some food. In the store Stars was exuberant he continued to explain to us that the man driving the pick up had been a healer for many years. Stars tells us how this man is going to take him to his home in the mountains and through herbal medicinesand various practices of healing he would help stars with the tumor. After dropping me and Airplane off in the nearest city, Stars and the man went to his house(the man's). After two days Stars and the man came back into the city to pick us up and we went back to the man's house.

                                             Golden Renaissance Health - Richmond, VA

The next morning when me and Stars were alone he told me what happened a few nights prior. After a day of various herbal medicines and other healing methods the man went into a trance. In this trance the man reached into the back of his neck and pulled out the tumor. I feel like I could go into a bit more detail on that, but as I said I will keep it short. Well needless to say Stars found his spirit healer. I had a chance to talk with the man on my own about what had happened. He told me he fasted for 60 days and meditated in the mountains, this is where his perception of matter changed and he realized his ability to pull disease out of people.

 During the few days I spent with him he taught me a lot about various form of natural healing. He showed me an Ozone machine witch he had made on his own, now if you haven't heard of ozone therapy check it out it is really interesting stuff. He was also the first to tell me about eating raw food and its effects on human longevity, every day we ate simple foods, oatmeal with raisins, mushrooms found in the woods, very basic yet nutritional food. II could tell he knew what he was talking about, he looked and acted 35 maybe 40, but he was 65. It saddens me that I have lost his contact info, because he was such an amazing person.

. Do you have a favourite vegan celeb?
Hands down Mike Tyson!

 Do you have a favourite vegan dish ? Also do you have a favourite vegetable and, or fruit?

My favorite vegan dish would have to be, a whole grain pasta with a tomato sauce base, with spinach, portabella, potatoes, and finally lots of cayenne and garlic. My favorite would have to be portabella, but since I don't think that is a mushroom or fruit I will have to go with blueberries.

 Do you find it challenging to be vegan in a predominantly non vegan world? If so, how do you cope with it?

Yes it is very difficult. I coupe with it through furthering my business and by finding new ways to talk to individuals about healthy living,

Have you ever slipped and eaten non vegan food?

Yes, back when I smoked, drank often, and used a lot of drugs I set down to become vegan many times and failed. It wasn't until I cut back one thing at a time that it became easier for me. I started with the hard stuff and used the cigarettes to coupe then I stopped eating meat (which I couldn't do when I was traveling), then cut back on drinking, quit the cigarettes, which I used as a crutch through the beginning, and then I went vegan and used my business as a way to make it through.

What is your favourite quote (health or life )

Recently it has been, Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi
How has being vegan changed your life?
I am much happier, healthier and feel that even through my work I am makingthe world a healthier place to live.
Can you see yourself being vegan for life?

Until I know the sources from which I get my products from treat the animal with the utmost respect I will be vegan. And that likely will only happen when I have a farm and even then I would probably only have a few chickens. Milk is kind of gross when you really break it down, and then again so are eggs.

Do you have a favourite vegan YouTuber ? If so how have they inspired you?

 The internet has really helped to spread the message of ultimate health, how has it helped your business to grow?

I was into youtube when it first started and I made a lot of videos for it back in the day, but recently I have unfortunately not kept in touch with it. I would like to start making videos again soon when I find the ability to. The internet is an amazing tool and I believe it is great for advancements in health. Never before has so much health information been available in one place. At one point few people knew about healing herbs or what foods to eat, but know almost every plant there is information about is easily accessible by the internet. The internet is great for the spread of ultimate health, but at the same time it is full of false information so it is always important to cross reference what you learn.

 The internet it has helped my business grow through amazing social programs, and connecting me to individuals worldwide, such as your self. It is simply amazing that anyone connected to the internet can so easily find like minded individuals worldwide so quickly and easily.

What is your vision for your company?

Our vision is to spread the awareness of natural medicine particularly in regards to diet and herbal aspects. We desire to bring people out of the modern ways of healing that are hurting our people and are keeping them sick for the sake of money. It is our companies desire to bring to the peoples attention a way of healing that works, a way in which people not only get better, but also allows the individual to prevent illness in themselves and others.

Do you have any advice for people who want to become vegan and don't know where to start.?

To me being vegan isn't as easy as just not eating animal products. It is a process that takes time It is hard to become vegan when you are addicted to something like cigarettes, drugs, even too much coffee. I would recommend making a plan to cut back any bad habits step by step and replacing them with healthier choices. I started with drugs and meat, next was cutting back on drinking, then I eliminated cigarettes, then I cut back on coffee.

I also found that when I started to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables it was easier for me to cut back on these things. I believe this that eating healthier made it easier to stop old habits because I was full of the nutrition I needed and my body slowly less and less desired the input of things I didn't need. I could go on all day with advice, but I believe the biggest thing is just to replace bad habits with good ones one at a time, maybe you can do it all at once, but the better you build the base the longer the structure will stand.

Finally, this one of my favourite questions ever. Doug, you are... 22 years old, what do you know for sure ?

I am 22 years old. I know without a doubt that life is at times overly complicated, but it only makes the simple things more enjoyable and real.

 Do you have any shout outs? How can our readers contact you? Facebook, Twitter, website ?

I would like to give a shout to my Mom, and Father, my Dad and Pop (another long story) as well as all my family which includes all of the individuals I met throughout my travels, as well as my girl  friend Krystal Bocanegra, who has been with me and supported my business every step of the way,  As well as Ray R. Ellis for helping me get on the radio and guiding me as well. I would also love to give a big thank you to Edina and Intrigue Media for bringing me into their family.
If anyone is interested in contacting me there are several ways to do so:

The Golden Renaissnace Health fan page is :
On Twitter: @DouglasDedrick
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  1. Will vegan diets will help to get rid of allergies

    1. Amudhan, I do not know about allergies but a vegan diet will lower your chances of heart issues stroke, arthritis, cancer and more. As far as allergies I imagine a healthy plant based diet would assist your body in handling such a scenario. I know that Chamomile Tea in particular is said to be good for allergies. Another remedy I have heard is honey from your local region, it is said to lower allergy symptoms. I do not know if honey is Vegan I think that is up for debate, but I strongly recommend that you pursue a vegan based diet for many reasons including health and the well being of our animal companions.